It is our duty to tell the story of the Buffalo Soldiers and because of their past, we have a future. So, as you read the information below, pass it on to all who are willing to listen but most of all reach out to our youth so that they will know of the sacrifices of the Buffalo Soldiers.

The year 1450 brought a multitude of changes to the continent of North America. Native Americans encountered European explorers who would soon transform and largely destroy their world.
These same explorers began a trans-Atlantic slave trade that would not only bring millions of African slaves to North America, but in time lead to a new social and economic structure where the color of one’s skin determined whether one might be free or live as a slave for life.
In every major war, throughout the history of the United States, from the American Revolution through the Indian Wars, Native-Americans and African-Americans fought with and against each other. This scenario prevailed throughout the Civil War. Some tribes fought for the South, such as the Cherokees, while others assisted the North like Seminoles.For the Blacks in bondage, brought over on slave vessels hundreds of years before, the time for freedom had arrived. 
African Americans have served proudly in every great American war. Over two hundred thousand African American servicemen fought bravely during the Civil War. In 1866 through an act of congress, legislation was adopted to create six all African American army units. The units were identified as the 9th and 10th cavalry and the 38th, 39th, 40th and 41st infantry regiments. The four infantry units were reorganized in 1868 as the 24th and the 25th infantry. Black soldiers enlisted for five years and received $13.00 a month, far more than they could have earned in civilian life.

The Buffalo Soldier’s main charge was to protect settlers as they moved west and to support the westward expansion by building the infrastructure needed for new settlements to flourish.

The name “Buffalo Soldiers” has become interesting lore in itself. There seem to be three possible reasons for the name. One, it is said that the curly hair of the soldiers reminded them of the Buffalo. Two, they were given the name because their fierce, brave nature reminded them of the way buffalos fought. Third, it may have been because they wore thick coats made from buffalo hide during winter. Whatever the reason, the term was used respectfully and with honor

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