Membership in to the El Paso, TX Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club is open to anyone with an interest in promoting the history of the Buffalo Soldiers, maintaining a positive image of motorcycle riders, and interested in group riding, regardless of race, creed, religion, or sex. The club membership reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone.

The overall goals and objectives of this motorcycle chapter can be reviewed on the site links under History, Background and Vision. Our National Association web site, and the various chapter links, discloses an overview of the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Clubs.

There are two types of membership: Associate Member and a Full Member. A Full Member is required to own a (registered) motorcycle that is able to maintain the posted highway speed limits for sustained periods of time. Full Members must be willing to ride on planned rides at least once a month during our riding season, which begins March 1st through December 31st. Full Members and Associate Members must be willing to participate in club activities and promote the history of the Buffalo Soldiers.
Interested adults should fellowship with our members on rides and events prior to expressing their desire to join our organization as either a Full Member or an Associate Member. After their participation in several rides/events, the candidate will be invited to a scheduled club meeting for a formal introduction and request for membership. To become a Full/Associate Member you must be sponsored by a current full patch club member. The interested party will become a “prospect” after reviewing a copy of the club’s By-Laws, and submitting a completed application. Upon the acceptance of the application, and participating in the club’s activities, the current members will vote to accept or reject the “prospect” within a three month period. Upon becoming a member, payment of the membership donation is required.

Additional pre-requisites if accepted for Full Membership include:

· Educate others as well as self in the history of the Buffalo Soldiers.
· Actively support the Club and its functions.
· Complete a six month probationary period

a. During this six (6) month period, a minimum of 1500 miles in the saddle with one or more full patch club members is required.  Accountable miles must be completed in increments of 200 miles or more . This can be done over several trips and only rides of over 200 miles will count.

b. Proof of completion of the Motorcycle Safety Course within the last five (5) years.

c. Seek out and coordinate a community service of choice (club members will give their support).

· Acceptance of both the National and El Paso Chapter By-Laws.

· Agree to a “face to face” meeting with the Club.

· You will submit a “signed” Letter of Membership into the BSMC of Texas, El Paso Chapter.

· Must agree not to discuss Club business that has been discussed in a “Closed” session of the membership with any person NOT a member of the BSMC.

· Must agree to the prohibition of any form of intoxicant at a chapter meeting.

· Pay the annual donation as required by the local the By-Laws.

· Agree to wear Club “Scholey/Colors/Patches” at Club events and meetings.

· Agree to terminate membership in any other club that you are currently a member of before you become a member of the BSMC of Texas, El Paso Chapter.

· Agree that the “Scholey/Colors/Center Man Patch” are the property of the BSMC, and are to be returned by you if either the Club or you terminate your membership for any reason.

Any member listed on our site, can be contacted for questions involving membership. You may also request to be contacted regarding our next scheduled club ride and/or event.

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